The easiest way to build a bigger bankroll

If you feel your knowledge about the present applying rules is good and play strictly as far as position, starting hands and odds are concerned the easiest way to achieve good results is by playing multiple tables. This might seem tricky at the start but it is easier than you think. The reason for this is that there are so many players at these low levels who put money into the pot that you most of the time do not have to waste energy on studying the other players. The odds are often very good and if you manage to get the hands you want there is mostly no risk that the other players stop bucketing money into the pot just because of that. There are plenty of calling stations at these levels.

Playing Multiple tables So if you play strictly, according to the rules, you should reach a fairly steady winrate somewhere between 1 and 2 BB/hour per table. This of course does not mean that you play an hour with a certain guaranteed win, there will of course be great fluctuations where you sometimes win a lot and far too often lose some. That is unfortunately probably the normal situation most of the time but it might be good to know about it in order to endure and also to obstruct being affected by tilt (see statistics further below)
Bad periods can as said before go on for thousands of hands.
Some reminders regarding games when playing multiple tables:

  • Never play at higher stakes than your bankroll can handle. If you play at a $0.5/$1 limit table you are supposed to have at least $500 in your bankroll (or you could afford losing $500). Poker is equal to fluctuations and your bankroll has to be big enough to survive bad streaks. Even if you are a good player you have to face the fact that you sometimes will lose big.
  • Don’t play at more tables than you can cope with.
  • Try to avoid playing at auto pilot. Focus on the game!
  • It is easy to find loose games at the lowest stakes. Find the loose games instead of sitting at a table with tight players where you are most probably wasting your time. 45-50% of the players in the flop is never hard to find. And if you have trouble finding it anyway: Play at this online poker Canada website where you can find games where the players in the flop most often are up to 80-85% per hand dealt.
  • Use your signup-bonus! And use all of it! You will clear the bonus easy when you play multiple tables.
  • Play ABC poker. Fancy moves won’t work at low limit tables, believe me. If you have a good hand – bet. If you have a bad hand – don’t bluff!
  1. The best choice when playing multiple tables is PartyPoker
  2. Find favorable games and sit in.
  3. Use the low limit tables as filling stationsThe great advantage with playing at many tables is that you do not have to sit for months before you have made enough money to try the somewhat bigger tables. Hopefully you can climb to a higher level fairly soon.

    The multi-table playing method works fairly easy at $0.5/$1 tables and lower ones. What we are aiming at is to in a fairly simple and quick way build a bank roll at the lower levels and then play single-table at the higher levels where you need to check up on your opponents in a different way to achieve good results. If you then lose money at a higher level you can always go back to the lower level and make a “refill” of your bankroll before you have run out of it. Normally it is recommended to have a bankroll of 300-500 times BB in order to be able to play safely at the selected level.

  4. Watch your bankroll grow over time. Play safely!